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   Confirmed Lecturers

 Florine Asselbergs
  Independent researcher of Mexican codices and lienzos
Leiden University, Netherlands


New perspectives on the conquest of Guatemala from the Lienzo de Quauhquechollan

Publication relevant to the lecture
Conquered Conquistadors: The Lienzo de Quauhquechollan, a Nahua Vision of the Conquest of Guatemala
PhD dissertation, published by CNWS, Leiden (2004)

 Samuel Bonis
  Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
Member of the Geological Society of Guatemala

Landscapes of Guatemala: Illustrated physical geography and geology

Upcoming publication
A New Geological Map of the Republic of Guatemala 1:500,000 (digital)
Instituto Geográfico Nacional de Guatemala (2007)

 Oswaldo Chinchilla
  Curator, Popol Vuh Museum of Maya and Colonial Art
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Director of the archaeological project at Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa on the southern coast of Guatemala

Doctor Chinchilla will guide participants on an exclusive visit through the Popol Vuh Museum, exploring the geographic expressions of the Maya.

Publication relevant to the visit
Gods of the Popol Vuh in Classic Maya Art: a visitors’ guide to the Popol Vuh Museum
Museo Popol Vuh (2003)

 Armando de la Torre
  Director, Graduate School of Social Sciences
Universidad Francisco Marroquín

The history of Guatemala through maps

Most recent publication
100 obras 1000 años: las cien obras de mayor impacto escritas en el segundo milenio
Universidad Francisco Marroquín (2000)

 Federico Fahsen
  Professor, School of Architecture
Specialist in Maya architecture and writing
Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Visit and lecture
After the symposium, Guatemala’s foremost epigrapher of Maya hieroglyphics will guide the excursion to Tikal and Yaxhá. He will use his knowledge to help us understand the Maya civilization, its politics, art and lifestyle.

Publication relevant to the lecture
“The Origins of Maya Writing,” catalogue to the exhibit The Lords of Creation, The Origins of Sacred Maya Kingship
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2005)

 Richard D. Hansen
  Professor, Department of Anthropology, Idaho State University, Pocatello
Director of the archaeological, ecological and conservation programs of the Mirador Basin, in northern Petén
Cutting edge mapping technologies of the Mirador Basin project

Publication relevant to the lecture
“Perspectives on Olmec-Maya Interaction in the Middle Formative Period,” in New Perspectives on Formative Mesoamerican Cultures, edited by T.G. Powis, BAR International Series 1377, Oxford (2005)
 John Hébert
  Chief of the Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress of the United States of America

The search for interoceanic communications and the Panama Canal

Publication relevant to the lecture
The Luso-Hispanic World in Maps: A Selective Guide to Manuscript Maps to 1900 in the Collections of the Library of Congress
Website created with Anthony P. Mullen (1999) www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/luso/

 Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.
  President, Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Cartography and property rights

Publication relevant to the lecture
“Liberating the radio spectrum in Guatemala,” in
Telecommunications Policy 27 (2003)
 Richard Kagan
  Chairman, Department of History
Professor of early modern European history, specializing in Spain and Iberian expansion
The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

Antigua Guatemala, Colonial capital under the controls and intrigues of the Spanish Crown

Publication relevant to the lecture
Urban Images of the Hispanic World, 1493-1793
Yale University Press (2000)

 Héctor Monzón-Despang
  Professor of structural calculus and design, specializing in seismic movement and volcanic activity in Central America
Universidad Francisco Marroquín


Guatemala´s amazing volcanic arc and extraordinary geography

Recent projects
Seismic zoning map of Guatemala
Draft of the Guatemalan Structural Code
Structural design of several landmark projects in Guatemala City and San Salvador

 Barbara Mundy
  Professor, Department of Art History and Music
Associate Director of Latin American and Latino Studies
Fordham University, New York

The maps of Las Relaciones Geográficas from an art historian’s perspective

Publication relevant to the lecture
The Mapping of New Spain: Indigenous Cartography and the Maps of the Relaciones Geográficas
University of Chicago Press (2000)

 Richard Pflederer
  Adjunct Professor, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia


Portolan charts of the Bay of Honduras

Publication relevant to the lecture
"Portolan Charts: Vital Tool of the Age of Discovery," in History Today 52 (May 2002)